About Us


Mission Statement

The JAWDA (Quality) Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve Arabic language media quality, watch its prejudice and discrimination, and promote human and civil rights; through public education, research, and analysis.


JAWDA was founded with the aim to support Egypt and the Arab peoples in transitioning toward democracy and prosperity.  The founders have no political affiliation and are in no way members of any political parties or groups. The founders were appalled by the magnitude of misinformation, disinformation, lies, and fabrications currently rampant in Arab language media. Therefore, they decided to act and create an organization dedicated to media quality and excellence.


JAWDA will focus on the following activities:

  • Finance, support, and publish in-depth scientific and professional investigative reporting of common lies, rumors, misinformation spread in the Egyptian and Arab media. A monthly case will be selected, analyzed, and investigated with the only objective of seeking the truth according to the highest possible journalistic and scientific standards. The results of the investigative report will be published and distributed to educate the public and international media organizations.
  • Develop a rating criteria or a “scorecard” of what will constitute professional journalism in Arabic language media. Develop the rating criteria leveraging similar experiences throughout the world and leveraging existing journalistic codes of conduct established worldwide and in the Arab world and the Egyptian Syndicate of Journalists.
  • Watch and evaluate different Arabic speaking media outlets according to their compliance with the scorecard. Publish an annual rating of different Arab language media outlets according to their compliance with the JAWDA established rating criteria. Educate the public on which media organizations are to be trusted and which earn the dubious position of being the least trustworthy.


JAWDA will establish 3 governing bodies:

  • A board of trustees consisting of the founders and whoever they invite by voting to oversee the institution’s activities.  The board of trustees will set and approve broad institutional policies but will not interfere in content of publication and freedom of the editor or the editorial board as long they comply with the institution mission.
  • A network of amateur correspondents around the Arab world who will perform the investigative reporting and collect the scorecard watchdog data.  The correspondent network will be administered by an editor, who will select topics to focus on. As recommended by the editor, correspondents will receive an honorarium and if they do wish, their names will be credited. The editor will be selected by the board of trustees. The editor will assist the board in publicizing the investigative reports, the scorecards, and the media ratings.
  • An editorial board who will review the investigative reports, the scorecard, and the annual rating prior to publication to ensure highest possible quality and professionality.

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